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Thread: bullet drop between different grain bullets

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    bullet drop between different grain bullets

    I am off Red hind stalking next week and went out today to check my howa .30-06 to get it bang on.
    last time I used it was on a range day in Wales where we were shooting out to 400yrds so I needed to rezero.
    Using sako superhammerhead 150gr my first shot was 10 inches high as expected.
    Soon dialed down and shot a nice group of 1.5inch at 100metres.

    Decided to take another couple of shots this time using remington 165 express corelokt.

    Shot a nice group of 1/2 inch, however, the group was a good 7 inches low than where I had aimed.

    I was amazed that this would be the difference between the shots for the small increase in bullet weight and bloody glad I did check, If I had loaded up with the heavier bullets in the field by mistake I would be well off target.
    Any one else had similar experiences?

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    Hiya Mate,

    Although relatively new to the world of FAC shooting I am quite accomplished at long range shooting. If I were you I would get yourself a drop chart made up.

    To do this you need a chronograph and the details of the bullets you are using.

    If you dont get an accurate drop chart you are in danger of missing or maiming your intended targets.

    Check out these links.

    As you can see there is a huge difference in drop between these 2 bullets in the same caliber with different weights, the difference is bigger the longer the range. At 500yds there is a 14" difference in drop. In addition there is also the wind to consider.

    I am not against long range shooting, I have taken some seriously long range shots at live quarry, but I do so with an accurate tried and tested drop chart with me.

    If you want some help please get in touch and I will try to help as much as I can. I am certainly not an expert, but I know a lot more than some so called experts.
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    I have played around on the range with different weight bullets. It comes as no surprise. What surprises me is the differing variations you can get with bullets weighing the same but from a different manufacturer. Some go left, some go right, high, low. Regards, Ed.

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    At the end of the day Matty, I think that the extra drop probably has more to do with it being a totally different brand as anything.

    Of course, you would expect a heavier weight bullet to drop more but going from a Sako 150grn to a Rem 165grn anything could have happened, it might have been five inches left who knows. Always pays to check.

    I would zero with whichever you have most off, or whichever you want to use up first, then just fire one group with the other stuff and record where it goes (or just keep the target) either for future reference or in case you have to change batches half way through a trip you can make the required adjustment and just confirm it by shooting a stone or your mates sandwich box and carry on stalking. Good luck on the hinds. JC

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    Thanks fellas, will take all points on board, I am just a recreational stalker - so probably would not go to the extent of getting a chronograph, however, I have got a bulletflight app on my iphone which I can put the data in and it will give me a good indication.
    I will use the sako Ammunition next week, and if I run out, will definately take a practice shot before continuing!
    I guess the lesson here for me is always check my rifle before using a new batch of ammo and then sticking to it!



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    In my 308 weight does not seem that critical at 100yds.
    Some bullets of the same weight print further apart than others of different weights.
    The bullets that she groups well with seem to be in the same area.
    At further distance the speed & bc dictates drop.
    Shot this recently, one hole is from a 168gr, the other a 155gr.

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