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Thread: Lidl in rough ride for selling Rudolf

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    Lidl in rough ride for selling Rudolf

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    Get out there and buy it, it's great meat and I highly recommend it!

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    Om nom nom, Rudolph

    Love some of the comments underneath, generally the consensus seems to be well done Lidl!
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    Did you read some of the comments? I thought we were a bunch of opinionated grumpy old men but we've been beaten hands down on this one. Most comments were positive and looks like its been a pretty good free promotion for Lidl. The best way to encourage the eating of reindeer (well caribou in my case) is to be made to pack them out of the mountains in a bergan. Simple, the more you eat the less you have to carry and the sooner its gone the sooner you can stop worrying about a big hairy grizzly coming to relieve you of it! JC

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    I didn't see the Reindeer meat but I saw Springbok and bought some to try it.
    It was delicious and my young son loved it. Well done Lidl for bringing some different meats to the market .

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    I will be up my local this week end yum yum


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    Love the comment by "turkey"

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    Bound to upset a few lefties...

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