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Thread: Second outing on the does.

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    Second outing on the does.

    Well After my success last time and getting my first fallow i booked to return to the estate again. Anyway i got a text from Ian yesterday saying it was forecasting heavy fog did i want to call it off. Anyway I'm one of those people who always thinks 'what if' and because of this i couldn't bring myself to cancel the outing. Anyway i woke up this morning to find an extremely heavy frost (took over 10 mins to defrost car) but no sign of fog at home at least.

    Anyway I went on my way and got to the estate where there was a light mist but by no means too much and Ian was relieved and so we set out in the landy to a bit of the estate I hadn't been to before. The sun was just starting to light the sky as we left the car and the air was still extremely cold in my lungs. There were good signs with plenty of fresh slots in the soft earth but after an hour of stalking and finding nothing we decided to try another part of the estate. Anyway as we were driving to another part of the estate we spotted a roe with 2 young uns out in the field but as I was interested in trying for a fallow buck we went for a quick look at this other area but this was to no avail. So, we drove back to where we had seen the doe and they had moved on but luckily only into the next field but they were walking back to the wood so off we set. The roe were about 600 yards or so from us as we started the stalk, hugging the tree line of the woods that the deer had been about 400 yards from. So as we got into a place where we could see the position where we had seen the deer they were no where to be seen We didn't think they could have moved into the woods so fast. So we continued a little further around the wood line and as we were about to round a corner there was the white rump patch of two roe not 20 yards away. We both froze, I slowly eased the rifle from my back and the sticks were placed out and I edged around the corner ever so slowly as more and more of the doe came in to view and then gradually all 3 were in full view. As i raised the rifle to my shoulder Ian whispered to be only to take the old doe and to leave the wee ones as they were very well on and almost fully grown and would last the winter. So I raised the cross hairs up into the chest and squeezed the trigger dropping the doe on the spot and the two fawns ran about 50 yards and stopped, not sure what to do. We had time to judge once more and make sure that the were fine to be left and yes so they were.

    Anyway it was time for gralloch number two and this one went far smoother. I bled it successfully with the cut, and the removing of green and red pluck went swimmingly as well so its all starting to come together. I have even managed to find a butcher to deal with it for me whilst i sort out my equipment (which i aim to have done by the next time i stalk. It was a great day out and thats 2 does for two stalks this season so not going too bad. Sorry no picks i forgot the camera this time along with my binos


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