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    Hi all,

    Brand new to this forum so let me intro myself. I am currently serving in the British Army and have served 21 years. I have two to go and would love to become involved in Deer Management when I leave.
    I have just completed DSC1 with Jelen Deer Services, who I have to say were totally professional, genuine and real down to earth people. So a big thanks to Mike and Dave. Hope to see you both again soon!
    My next step is to apply for my FAC so it's back to the forums to pick up some sound advice.
    Cheers and hope to get to know some of you soon.

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    Hi Paul,

    Great to see you on here, and thank you for your kind words. All you guys performed admirably on the DSCL1 at the weekend - despite less than admirable weather conditions!!!! - Anyway, do let me know if we can help with your FAC application, and hope to see you on our trainee Field Operator team before too long.

    Best regards

    (Jelen Deer Services)

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    Cheers Mike, much appreciated.


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    Hi PAUL Welcome to the mad house i'm sure the lads on here will steer you in the right direction
    any probs anytime just give us a bell'
    hope to see you soon Dave.

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