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Thread: 25.06 loads please...........

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    25.06 loads please...........

    Hi guys,

    {After having just paid a fortune for a box of 100 grain B/Tips}

    I am on the verge of starting to reload for my Tikka T3 Hunter in 25.06
    The barrel is 22'' with a 1-10 twist rate.

    Initially I am looking to reload a 115 grain bullet for the red hinds throughout the winter....

    I am lead to believe that the 25.06 prefers a slower burning powder, however due to the barrel only being 22'' would it be worth considering a medium burn rate powder.

    I was hoping to reach velocities of over 3000fps to keep things quite flat but also hoping to better my factory shot groups.

    Any advice on powder / bullet heads..............infact any bloody advice at all would be well received.



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    Any advice on powder / bullet heads..............infact any bloody advice at all would be well received.

    Don't do it

    Now powders in the H4350, H4831 range seem to work well. I have been using relaoder 19 but have found in my rifle that I need to use magnum primers with it or I get delayed ignition. The same tub of powder and the same box of primers works just fine witht eh 140 grain bullets in the 270 so .

    Now I would say see what your local shop has in stock .25cal bullet wise as I have found the pickings can be meagre. I am currently playing with some Sierra 100 grainers .

    I really feel that the bullet choice of what you can actually get your hands on will influence the powder choice. With a 22" barrel i would be sticking to the mid range burning powders like the 4350's rather than the slower 4831 to maximise the potential out of the shorter barrel. Let us know what powders you cna get easily and which bullets and hopefully we can narrow it down for you.

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    I loaded for mine using H4831SC. Granted it had a 26'' barrel. I think it was Callum Ferguson at the time said to me that they realise their fuller potential by using 24''+. Like Brithunter says, I also used magnum primers.

    As for bullet choice, I played about a bit but eventually settled on the 100grn Hornady flat base soft points. They will easily pass the 3000fps mark but from memory it will take a pretty hot round to push the 115's past this point and you may struggle with a 22'' barrel to see it. I'm prepared to be corrected on here with that last comment though...

    I shot a lot of Sika with them and they always performed well. Certainly easily cope with hinds. In fact at the time absolutely everything was shot with them, from foxes to red.
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    All advice well received lads, and some good pointers............I shall start calling around my local shops tmro and see what they have to offer with regards to bullets and powders.



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    I am now using IMR4831 with Fed Gold Match Primer for 120gr Nosler Partition and so far this season i have been trying Hornady 117gr Round Nose. As they say "SPEED" (fps) is not every thing

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    No problem. I'll look up what I have tried so far although I'll say now I have not used the 25-06 on game as yet as I have not been convinced of my rifles consistancy. It has a 24" barrel by the way and the bore seems fairly tight as it shows pressure signs early and the collimeter spud is very snug in the bore..

    I have never been able to get anywhere near the upper middle loads let alone near max loads.

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    It makes me grimace a bit when I see that a cartridge with a case of magnum dimensions is stuck with a shorter barrel - WHY ? !

    In order to get the full effect of a magnum powder which is still burning and accellerating the bullet up the barrel, you need the longest barrel possible for optimum use of the gasses produced. 24 or 26" if possible.

    I see that according to the Hodgdens manual you can achieve - with the 100 grain bullet, (In this case, Nosler Partition), over 3000 feet per second with Varget or H4895. So either of these faster burning speed powders might suit your shorter barrel quite well as they should be less affected by barrel length - much of their burning being done in the chamber.

    The same table gives H1000 at 3212 fps, but this magnum powder will probably not produce the velocities in your shorter barrel.

    It seems to me that a potentially vigorous cartridge has been seriously handicapped by giving the rifle a short barrel, but I expect that you'll work around it OK.

    I agree that speed is not everything, but I see no sense in making a rifle to use a potentially fast cartridge then providing a barrel which negates it - you might as well obtain a gentle-shooting .257 Roberts and get basically the same speeds with the same powder charge and bullet.
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    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    I've used 100 grain Nostler BT's for ages and taken hundreds of deer with them and been generally very pleased.
    That was, until I tried using a slightly heavier bullet head!
    I now use 115 grain and the difference is astounding! Ballistically, they don't seem any different, and my point of zero is negligible. However, I'm finding that I get someting like 75% less meat damage! Admittedly, I've also noticed that some seem to run a little further, but they still go down pretty quickly. I now use either Nostler BT's or combined technology 115 BT's which are alledgedly identical except for price and colour!
    My Howa liked 50 grains of either Vectan 7000 or Reloader 19.
    My Sako hated Vectan but loves 50 grains of IMR 4831. It also has a 22" barrel, and I use Federal Gold large match primers.
    I've never chrono'd it but it is still bloody quick and flat!
    I'm no expert at reloading, but this is the advice I was given by someone who is!
    Start by Loading the lowest recommended start weight and load 3 rounds of them. Then increase by 1 grain and load 3 more. Repeat this towards the max recommended load. Try each batch on the range, checking for signs of over-pressure with each increase of powder weight. You should find that your group 'tightens' towards one load weight. If not, try the same process with another powder!

    You might then like to try 1/2 a grain either side of this to tighten it further. Once you have worked out the best powder weight, you can try adjusting the bullet seating depth which should tighten the group even further once you find the harmonic 'sweet spot'. This is normally somewhere between zero and 40 thou" from the lands but maybe more!
    Magazine length may restrict this process also!
    Once you find something that works, stick with it!
    This process also helps to build your own confidence with your setup which I believe is essential and more than half the battle.
    There is nothing worse than the feeling of pulling the trigger if you have no faith in your equipment!
    Reloading is soooooo much more than just saving money!

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    Some great advice only brings to the fore front that I have even less of a clue when it comes to reloading than I thought I had.

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    Good morning - and with the liver and bile-ducts cleared :-

    Don't get downhearted whatever you do. Monkeyspanker has obviously done a lot with his 25-06 and has put a lot of different loads through it - he's also got a 22" barrel.

    Reading up manuals is one aspect of reloading - and a safety first procedure to act as a starter, but you can see that despite all that is written - practical application out in the field can show things in a different light and a lot depends upon bullet behaviour once it reaches the target.
    Velocity and flat shooting attributes are very useful, but I look at the name of this directory and smile a bit sadly at some of the things I read. It's a STALKING directory, and stalking is the name of the game. Getting up in there to your intended quarry and getting to know more about it's movements and ways - and making more sure of a humane shot which every living creature deserves.
    The ability for many modern firearms to deliver distance shots is a useful tool and a perk of modern manufacturing which, like a powerful engine, can be used to get you out of trouble but not be used as a substitute for stalking skills.

    Enjoy your rifle. I'm sure that in a short time it will be bringing home the meat - OH ! and if anyone has a belief that he/she knows it all, then they have just stopped learning and that's sad. YOU have all the fun of this new interest ahead of you.

    My 25-06 had a long barrel and was exhibited on a website by the fellow to whom I sold it as a beautifully grouping rifle - and a beautiful rifle as well. MY problem at that time was that I also had a 6.5 X 57mm. which used an almost identical bullet - visually - if both 120 grain bullets of the same brand but different calibres were held side-by-side.
    You can see the inherent danger in that for a reloader, so I decided that as the 6.5 would cater for a more extended bullet range, The 25 cal. was moved on.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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