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Thread: muntjac spotted

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    muntjac spotted

    today i spoke to a taxidermist in machynlleth , and he told me there was a definate sighting of a pregnant muntjac doe just on the outstskirtst of the town , i hav no doubt in my mind he was not lying as he has skinned a few aswell as shot them ,but for her to be up the duff must be good news for all in the area

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    hi stone
    will a out friday evening around prestinge, will kep an eye out. by the way the video is on its way. speilburg has nothing to worry about!

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    can't wait to see the video , just incase i am in it, let me know the dates you filmed it on ?
    where abouts prestiegne will you be at? spent a few nights out there in the oak and the farmers not to mention lamping all round there in my early days

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    No reason why not, they're turning up in all kinds of other odd places - most likely got there by Transit van ..........

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    not to sure on dates i think mid jan about 3 seasons ago. around stapleton.

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