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Thread: New guy from the US.

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    New guy from the US.

    I was searching for info on a Tikka M55 when I happened upon this site. Looks like a good knowledge base. I hope to learn of some different equipment. My skill set is in general arms. Remington 700's, Mauser's, AR15's in particular rifle wise. I hope to be of some use to you gents.
    Columbia South Carolina USA

    Scott Rucker

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    Welcome to you Scott, We have a couple of members out in the states, Muir in particular, you should get on very well, as he's a goldmine of info on rifles & loads in general. Steve.
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    Scott, welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

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    Hi Scott
    Welcome to the Stalking Directory Scott always nice to have members from the colony to the west

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