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Thread: Advice on Binoculars

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    Advice on Binoculars

    Need some advice on Binoculars : Have a budget of around 500. I have looked at some today and has anyone got any opinions on the following

    Zeiss Conquest 8x40 - 638
    Docter Optik 8x42 449

    Also looked at some Leopold 10x50 which at 250 seem to be a bargain ???

    Would appreciate any comments, advice etc

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    I have no experience of any of the above.

    However, I did buy a pair of ex demo 8X32 Kahles binos from Mcleods of Tain. They have green ones for 495 and grey ones for 450. I have been very pleased with them. Great service from Mcleods and a very good set of bins for the money.



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    There's another thread on bins today. Only thing I would say is that x50 is a lot of lens to carry around; do you really need it?
    I use Leica 10x25 trinovid BC's; clarity is everything.

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    PB, Don't forget to look at Minox! There are members on here who swear they are as clear as bin's twice the price.

    Personally, Kahles ex-demo from Macleods!! They will come with the factory warranty etc, and you will not get better people to deal with.

    Unless you are open hill stalking i can see no need for 10x bin's, although I am a convert to using 8x56 for first and last light, i would far rather carry my 8x30 habichts all day.

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    You can't go wrong with Zeiss worth the extra money buy once.

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    For many years I have used a pair of Optolyth `Royal` 8X56s for dawn and dusk work and found them to be excellent, I also have an Optolyth 30X75 prismatic spotting scope.
    For general daytime use I use a pair of Eschenbach 8X42 `Trophy AS/D`, also an excellent piece of glass.
    For serious stalking I would not consider a pair of 10X25 , an exit pupil diameter of only 2.5mm is too small and fine detail can only be identified by clarity especially under poor light conditions.
    Any of those others mentioned would be more fit for purpose.


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    You could pick up a pair of swarovski habicht 7x42 for around that price. They come up on a google search for 505. I managed to get a second hand pair for 200 and although they aren't the most fashionable swarovski's on the market they are an excellent pair of binos.

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    "an exit pupil diameter of only 2.5mm is too small and fine detail can only be identified by clarity especially under poor light conditions.
    Any of those others mentioned would be more fit for purpose."

    I disagree, all the bigger objective lens is providing is a wider field of view and some increased light gathering, the 10x magnification is as good as it would be on any other 10x bins and better than 8x. Am quite sure the Leica lens are crystal when it comes to fine detail and clarity - have you ever used them? I did use a pair of Zeiss 10x50s, great FoV but matched for clarity by the Leica. Over open range such as moorland and the Glen I can see a need for big bins, but otherwise why carry?
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    Use your money to get the best second hand Swaro, Leica or Zeiss that you can.

    Look to Camera shops, they tend to take binos in part exchange for high end cameras.

    That extra 15 minutes in the morning is worth it, the last 15 minutes at night isn't.


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    thanks all - i bought the Zeiss 8x40
    Very happy with that and at 638 not a bad price either!

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