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Thread: Hello from Shropshire

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    Hello from Shropshire


    Just to say hello to everybody on this web site. I am Manfred 53 Year old German git living in Shropshire I have been shooting for the last 15 Years in the UK. Stalking, wild fowling, driven shooting, pigeon shooting, rabbits and fox.
    Been in South Africa shot a worthog and some birds, been to Poland for the wild boar and to Slovakia muflon stalking. Regular stalking in the UK mainly in Scottland the old Ronald Rose place and on Arran with BASC.
    Got my level 1 and did not finish my level 2, which I did start 5 Years ago, due to working abroad and no time coming home.
    I love to be outdoors. We have a little small holding in Shropshire with 10acres of land which I use for rough shooting for pigeons and the odd pheasant.
    Always looking for a chance to go stalking somewhere. I am out there for the meat not for a trophy.

    Good shooting to everybody

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    Herzlich Willkommen!

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