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Thread: Ruger No.1 7x57

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    Ruger No.1 7x57

    Anyone got one/or know of one for sale ? Cheers Anton

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    Angus Country Sports in Arbroath have stunning No 1 Stutzen in that calibre with scope for 500. I bought my 223 No1 V from them and they're very good to deal with after sales.They have it listed on their website: New used guns : Angus Country Sports. If you buy it I'll be sick because I'm hoping they're stuck with it so long I can buy it cheap - not much chance though. You're a long way off, there are probably some people in my gun club who would test fire it for you though.

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    Thanks for making the effort to post the contact, I will chase it up.....they are definitely rare ! Thanks again Flanker, ATB Anton

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    Nae bother - don't hang about though, I might not be able to resist for long

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    Hi Flanker,deal done,awaiting my one for one variation,I promise the gun a good home! Look out Sika ! Thanks again for the tip ,Anton

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    Good luck, they're great rifles. I like mine, haven't tried it on roe yet but hoping to soon.

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    Greenfields in Salisbury have one, best person to speak to is Alan Pike Tel: 01722 333 795
    From memory it was not only in very nice condition but also had some good glass on it, if by chance they can't find it, it is in the first big cabinet in the office, behind the door

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    I meant to also say it wasn't expensive although I can't remember how much off the top of my head!

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    Thanks nico243,now sorted,cheers,Anton

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    Yup, I was in yesterday for some ammunition and sure enought there's a big "SOLD" label on it. I'll be interested to hear what it's like to shoot. What are you planning to use it for?

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