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Thread: Dorset FEOs & FLOs and their interpretation of the FAC

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    Dorset FEOs & FLOs and their interpretation of the FAC

    Hi all,

    I have read dozens of threads on various counties and regions and the issues on obtaining FACs. Does anyone have any experience with the Boys in Blue from Dorset? They were very easy to deal with when I got my SGC but I'm well aware that the FAC is a different ball game with so many variables.
    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Im in Dorset and have always found them very helpful. They were very understanding when I applied for my FAC and let me have the four calibres I asked for. They were also very thorough and made sure I really had a need for what I was asking for and also phoned the chap who was going to be my mentor. All in all I have found them very polite and a pleasure to deal with.


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    Thanks Pete. Perhaps I'll just be lucky because I live in quite a rural area. I don't know if the Police feel slightly more at ease with that over someone in more urban surroundings? Who knows??
    Thanks for your comment anyway.

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