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Thread: A compilation of good boar bullets!

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    Question A compilation of good boar bullets!

    If you've shot a big boar, say 250 lbs or larger what bullet did you use and how did it perform? Hope to hunt boar soon and want to get some "experienced" replies as opposed to the , "I heard about this guy who shot this boar and....!" What say those of you who've killed a biggun??

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    I personally, friends and clients have shot a few in that range and bigger using my rifles.
    30-06, 165gr( Federal blue boxes) or 180 gr( RWS mantle tips) did the job no problem what so ever.
    458, 520 gr soft points,did the job too.
    I`m not a ballistics "expert" or a reloading/technical anorak,this is just from my experiences and it worked for me.
    It`s the same old story though, a good bullet put in the right place !

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    7 mm Rem mag, 175gr federal premium with trophy bonded bear claw bullets.
    Have a few left but will use RWS 162gr cone points this time when I use up the others.
    Norma oryx and vulcan are recommended for pigs (by them) as is lapua mega and sako hammerhead.
    Most bullets will do the job well but pick heavy for calibre and try and get a bonded bullet.
    MOA accuracy isnt required.

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    I use Hornady Interlocks in 265 gr in the .444 and speer round nose 180 gr in the .308 both do the job very well on runing boar.Big slow heavy bullets rather than fast light bullets are best when dealing with fast moveing pigs in woodland were the range is never more than 150meters at most and more likley to be around the 40- 70 meters mark most of the time i find.


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    My biggest boar was 98kg it makes it only 215 lbs so I know nothing.

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    Hope to get bigger this year in bavaria and bulgaria.

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    180 grain Nosler partition in the 30-06 and 350 grain Hornady in the 45-70,big and slow deffinatly the way to go with driven Boar.

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    The biggest pigs i have shot have been with .270 156gr sako hammer heads or 130gr sierra prohunters.I have used fedral fusion ammo with good effect also nosler partions.All the pigs i have shot with the expetion of one have been shot in the uk and not driven.If you were driven shooting i would recomend a good .30cal with premium bullets.
    Cheers sean

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    Glad you mentioned the Nosler bullets Sean, especially as you recently sold me those 250 grn Nosler's in 9.3mm.

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    I've shot a standing un-alarmed big boar, late in the evening with a 170 grain Vulkan out of a 7 mm Rem Mag. Lights out syndrome. Dropped on the spot. Whatever calibre you have, use a heavy for calibre bullet. The brenneke TUG / RWS UNI bullet is GREAT. In a 30 calibre it would be my choice. Also the 220 grain hammerhead. A friend uses 220 grain silvertips in a 300 win mag, with excellent results. In a 9.3x62 I even would use a traditional softpoint, but not so in a 270. Nosler Partition will be excellent.
    In medium calibres ,a good strong heavy for calibre bullet is the answer.

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