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Thread: Leupold binoculars

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    Leupold binoculars

    Has anyone used the golden ring leupold binoculars? If so how do you rate them, i've just seen cabelas have them on sale for $799 in the 10*42. Thanks

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    Never had any Leoupold Bino's, but Scopes OHHHH YEESSS. If they are as good and as robust as their scopes they should be fine.

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    Hi , I have a pair of Leupold Wind River binos which i find pretty good. Not had any problems with them misting up and are good in low light. Not as expensive as some but i tend to use them more than my swarovski's.
    My advice is to try as many different types as you can and find some that not only give good performance but feel right.

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