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Thread: Hello from Slovenia...

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    Smile Hello from Slovenia...


    My name is Janez. I come from Slovenia. Since childhood, I am connected to nature and hunting, as this is a family tradition. I am a hunter 17 years. Slovenia has no private hunting grounds, the hunting grounds and wildlife managed hunting family, a concession granted by the State for a period of twenty years. The amount of killing and sex and age structure of the Forest Service plans. In Slovenia we hunting next typs of game: roe deer`s, red stag`s, chamois`s, mouflon`s, ibex`s, fallow deer`s, wild boar`s, brown bear`s, wolf`s, lynx`s, foxes, badgers, marten`s, marmot`s, dormouse`s, mallard duck`s, pheasant`s, partridge`s (farmed), magpie`s, jay`s , black crow`s. Hunter's family in which I am a member have a rich and diverse hunting grounds, because we have roe deer`s, red stag`s chamois`s, mouflon`s, wild boar`s, fox`s, badger`s, marten`s, dormouse`s, mallard duck`s, magpie`s, jay`s and black crow`s. I have quite a few weapons and even a piece of it I'll give completed. So this is a brief bit about me. As we say in our country: "Good look!"/"Dober pogled!"

    Lovski zdravo
    Hunting hello
    Janez L

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    Hi Janez,
    welcome to the site, I am sure you will have many stories to share with us. I visited your country about twenty years ago for a holiday and stayed in Bled, what a beautiful country.

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    Hello Janez

    welcome to the site. I have been in Sovakia not long ago for Muflon and wild boar stalking I am sure your contry and people are the same. It was a fantastic trip, hope to visit your country too. Read about the fantastic fly fishing as well.

    Good hunting

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