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Thread: Foreign Temporary Visitors Permit

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    Foreign Temporary Visitors Permit

    I have 4 fellow hunters joining me for some Red Deer stalking near Oban next month, they all have Firearm Certificates in Germany (waffenbesitzkarte) and they all have Jagdscheines. I contacted my local Firearms Licensing Officer to ascertain exactly what paperwork they would need to apply for a Temporary Visitors Permit. I explained that they were intending to use my Firearms and they were not going to bring their own over, and would that be possible. I was informed I had to provide copies of the waffenbesitzkartes and Jagdscheines which I did as well as German ID cards, after having been in possession of the info for 2 weeks the FLO came back to me and said he could not process my application because they did not have European Firearms Passes, I explained that they were not bringing in any Firearms and would be using mine, he advised me there was no provision under the Law to accommodate this scenario.
    Anyone got experience of this ??

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    The only experience i have is of a German friend coming to shoot with myself on a lease i am part of. As i understood it at the time he could shoot with my rifle as long as i was with him. This is what we did and he managed to shoot 8 doe's and kids and one red follower.


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    last season a German Friend of mine came over, and i put "MY" rifle's on his E.F.P no problems what so ever

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    Hello stalkerboydy
    I guess that had to be done in Germany then as they would have issued his EFP or do you mean the UK Visitors Permit issued here, and if so did he have to have to send his EFP from Germany to the UK first.

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    Interesting, I have just sent off two visitors permits for a pair of Italina gentlemen joining me in December and have just had a voicemail from the FEO to call back tomorrow...

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    Usually straight fore ward, I do around thirty visitors permits a year they need to send you their European firearms permit
    then you need to fill in an application for a UK visitors permit, most Police forces require 28 days to process this can be done quicker if no complications but they won't promise to have it ready if application is not in 28 days prior to arrival in UK they used to accept copies of EFPs this is no longer the case and they now require originals, if they are from country's that are not members of the European Union they will require a reference from their local chief of police, this will take longer
    to process, if you can use the estate rifle clause then there should not be a problem using your rifle, if you can't then I am not sure how you can legally proceed.

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    If you are the lease holder of a piece of ground you can take your friends out with your rifle and as long as they are with you at at all times they do not need a FA cert to use your rifle on your ground. If they are bringing their own rifles they will need a European FA Permit which they need to send over here first, and then you apply for their Visitors FA Permit, which is sent to you, and then you send it to them.

    I have been bringing overseas clients into the UK for over 25 years, and that is the procedure.



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    "Leaseholder" being the pertinent word for the provider of the rifle to be "accompanied".

    Permission, syndicate ground etc. is not the same. Out with an estate stalker and them using "your" rifle as opposed to the estate's is similarly not the same.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBoy270 View Post
    Hello stalkerboydy
    I guess that had to be done in Germany then as they would have issued his EFP or do you mean the UK Visitors Permit issued here, and if so did he have to have to send his EFP from Germany to the UK first.
    My German friend, sent "all" his German detail's i filled in his European Firearms Certifacate giving rifle details and where these was going to be used he then received a Ticket for one month whilst in England to Legaly use my .25-06 an .300 Win-Mag + buy ammunition for these Rifles

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    Do you not mean his UK Visitors Permit ?

    Sections 2 through 4 of the EU Firearms Pass have to be stamped and signed by your FAC issuer and apply only to the FAC holder, as in Section 1.


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