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Thread: to crimp or not to crimp

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    to crimp or not to crimp

    have been reloading for about a year know but never used a bullet with a cannelure
    so i want too pick the brains of the more experianced out there, are there any advantages / disadvantages of crimping your rounds ?

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    I,m sure this one has been done , use the search facility ..Happy reading

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    you don't have to have a bullet with a groove to crimp. And in short - a lot of people don't see the affects, but most who've done it will agree it evens out charge variations and brings the variations in muzzle velocity right down. If using a chrony you'll see all shots are very very close in MV - like about 10fps. Much closer then without. That's one step in many for accuracy.

    Also, people like to crimp with heavy kickers because there's a danger of the bullets being pushed into the cases further if ou don't
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    If you use a Lee Factory Crimp Die you don't need a cannelure. With other, conventional dies, you do. The Lee Dies are inexpensive and worth an experiment. I am a big supporter of crimping. Use the search engine. You'll see this discussion in spades...~Muir

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    thanks for the info, ill have to get a crimping die and give it a go

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