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Thread: Bass Pro / Outdoor World etc.

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    Bass Pro / Outdoor World etc.

    Well, I am gralloched!

    Just been in the US on business and had the opportunity to visit a number of Bass Pro stores in Texas, Michigan and Maryland.

    They no longer stock reloading gear or components!

    This is an amazing policy, with the cost of ammo increasing as never before.

    Gander Mountain had very limited stocks of bullets, and no 6.5mm at all. They told me that all production was going to the army.

    Cabelas - not much better.

    Gloat - mail ordered an RCBS Chargemaster 1500 and had it sent to a friend. It came back in my suitcase. The best thing was the price - $259 from Natchez Shooters Supplies.

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    Those Bass Pro stores are something else arnt they The one in Atlanata is huge, and I have been there several times and the new one near Buffalo New York. Gander Mountain is always a bit more down market to me, but still great to go into.

    That is suprising about the ammo and loading gear perhaps they need extra lead for the gulf

    Bringing it back in your suitcase is the way to go, works every time for me too

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