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    Late Intro - FlyBoy270

    A bit new to this forum business, so I do apologise for not doing this sooner, I am 52 years of age have been Stalking for more than 30 years, mostly Hill Deer, although more recently I have done some Munty shooting, I was in a Roe syndicate in Moffatt for a couple of years, and made an annual pilgrimage to Winston Churchill with fellow stalkers for a weeks Extreme Exercise sorry stalking at Dunoon. With the advent of the BASC scheme on Arran I made about 6-8 visits over a period of 3 years and was fortunate enough to be reasonably successful, on Hinds anyway ! I have a good friend in Bedford who I generally visit twice a year and we go stalking for Fallow and Muntjac as well as lamping for Fox. I am out lamping at least once a week on average, 17HMR for the bunnies and 223 or 22-250 for Charlie, I am often accompanied by Finnbear270 on these outings. I am a qualified PPL, A, B, Night, IMC and I have a 1/3 rd share in an Arrow IV Turbo based at Chester Airport. Early this year I had a chance conversation with the person we had bought the plane from in Germany, he was wishing me a prosperous New Year via email, I returned the email and enquired as to whether there was any Wild Boar hunted near where he now lived. He told me his oldest friend was an assessor for the Jagdscheine and said he would speak to him for me. I was more than surprised when I received a call from Stefan in Germany inviting me over to shoot Boar, and I went there in April, no shot taken but saw a lot of Boar, moon was full and Pigs very skittish, could not believe the noise they made, one caught a whiff of us and snorted alarms. I have an open invitation to go back pretty much anytime, Stefan and 3 buddies are coming stalking with me in December. I used to be a pistol shooter, 9mm BRNO, 357 Desert Eagle, 44 Mag Astra Terminator 2" . . . awesome and 45 ACP Ithaca and Star PD. Now do a bit of Practical Shotgun with Border Guns near Clun, Benelli M2 10 shot, good on Pigeons too !
    Glad to associate with fellow stalkers.

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    Yeah!, that Benelli thing really fills the woodie bag!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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