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Thread: stutleys in baldock

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    stutleys in baldock

    hi,ive been dealing with a this shop has anyone got any veiws on them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the omega man View Post
    hi,ive been dealing with a this shop has anyone got any veiws on them?
    I do quite a lot of business with Stutley bros and would highly recommend them, what details would you like anything in particular ?
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    i bought a rifle off em fri,on the understanding it went out to my man on mon mornin,its still not got there,wanted it for stalkin this weekend after my man fits somink on it. so im the victim of someones incopetance,royal mail or the shop.just trying to gauge who at fault and weather they are ok as dealers.

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    At a guess, they may have missed the courier on Friday or the bugger didn't turn up, hense not there yet.
    I use them occasionally, and have to say thay seem very good.
    You could always ring them.

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    Why don't you just phone them up and ask what is going on?
    They must have tracking details for the package so you will immediately know if it is them or the courier that is at fault.

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    Well they are not supposed to ship rifles on a Friday as the powers that be don't want them hanging about in the system over the weekend. This is what I was told when having a rifle shipped fron RFD to RFD. I had to wait until Monday for it to be sent. In my case the initial delay was a Fax toner cartridge that ran out and the local stockists didn't have one in stock so one had to be posted to them by the fax people. Of course it arrived on the Friday.

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    ah runningman I deal with Stuteleys a fair bit and have known Jim a fair while, your best option is to call and ask for Jim and just ask him what is going on. Sadly though you thought I could do everything for you its very hard for those of us in work to drop everything and go 20 miles to check rifles out for some unknown from the other end of the country especially at this time of year when its either shooting or beating every Saturday. What I will say is they are straight up and its unusual to hear of problems with them. The item should be track-able if its a gun and shouldn't have gone royal mail, minimum I believe is parcel force or TNT

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    I cant figure how you come to the figure of 20 miles to go from Hitchin to Baldock. They are only separated by the A1M. Its no more than a hop, skip and a jump.

    Me and my buddy called in there(Stutleys) late last year when in the area for some shooting and stalking. Wished we had never bothered.

    Took an age for the big bloke behind the counter (1 of the brothers I was told) to finish his phone call to his mate before condescending to server us, and then he turned his nose up at us when asked if he would do a cash on the counter deal on a gun they had in stock. I had the money in my back pocket all ready and waiting.

    I asked around the local lads we shot with and it seems we weren't the first to go in there and come out saying never again. Top rung prices, bottom rung service. 1 of the lads was still waiting after 10 months for a phone call to say the mounts and rings he had wanted were in stock. He had given up and had brought them off a shop in Surrey or Sussex He ordered them over the phone on a Friday and they arrived on the Saturday. Same price but that included the cost of the next day delivery charge.

    We went off the following day to a small place the other side of St Albans thanks to one of the shoot lads putting us right. and it was chalk and cheese. They couldn't have been more helpfull, the guy spent a good 1 hour with us going thru what he had in stock and was quite happy to shave a bit off the price for cash.

    I ended up spending more than I had intended but got a great gun at a very good price and it fits like it was made for me. So I'm chuffed to bits Best 2.5K I've spent in a long while.

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    UPDATE> well the rifle arrived on the thursday,so who knows who was at fault,picked it up today,and its a cracker,no problems with it,and im very happy with it. with this experience and others ive read,i wont ever deal with them again,just as a matter of course,thanks to all those whove replied.

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