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Thread: Hello from north somerset

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    Hello from north somerset

    Hi all,
    i am new to all this forum mallarchy so please be gentle with me.
    I have been shooting since i was a wee lad, i run a small pheasant syndicate(DIY) and have been into rifles for about 12 yrs.(.22 22-250 .243)
    Have visited site a lot but only just summoned up the courage to join
    looking forward to gassing a lot and learning plenty
    cheers Bandit. ps can anybody recommend someone to get me a fallow (guide or swap)
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    bandit welcome to the site
    you will find alot of helpfull guys on here
    enjoy regards pete .

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    cheers mate ps pencilled you in for the 4th

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    Welcome to the site bandit

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    Bandit its Andy KK, you still after a fallow? We should pop down to IanF in devon

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello mate I'm new here to but it's nice to see a few local boys on here


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    Bandit welcome to the site mate.


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    Thanks jayb will be up your way may time , hopefully doing a bit of stalking , if father in law cant sort anything then i shall be asking the members here Hi Finney \ Remington looks like there are a few of us on here from the west country atb J

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    I was about to say welcome to the site Bandit but I've just noticed your original post was 2010! Oh well welcome anyway
    I notice you're from North Somerset, same here mate, good to see another local on the site.

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