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Thread: 55gr FOR 243

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    55gr FOR 243

    I have tried 58gr norma vmax through my Sako 75 syn SS but the grouping is not good. I know it is probably down to the twist rate and light bullet however I wondered if anyone was using a similar load through a 75? Winchester 55gr silver tips perhaps. What works for you?

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    I tried an 85g hollow point through my 1:10 Sako 75, and it didn't group well, I had to go nearer the 100g to achieve a decent group. I am currently using the 100's, but I believe 90 is the ideal weigth for this rifle's twist. May I ask, why go so low as 55g? just for fox?

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    i have to argee with pkl why go so low a bullet weight don't need a 55grn ,i use 70 grn blitz kings with h414 going about 3400 fps these were better than my 87 grn vmax load,for fox , for fox 70-80 grn plenty and i have a in 1in 91/8 twist in my rem 700, 70 grn no prob/s with grouping .178 ins best group, if not reloading federal do a 70grn noslar b/t going 3450fps with 1850 ftps atb steve
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    I have used 55 grain V-Max in my .243 Winchester M-70 with very good results. The powder was H414 and the loads were crimped. The was developed for varminting use though, not for deer.~Muir

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    I use the same bullet and it group's well with 41gr of varget. Hope it help's.

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    i've shot hundreds, both factory silvertips and homelodas which use 44.5gn H4895 (max load - be careful). used them in prohunter mountain, r93, t595 all shot well. shot everything from rabbits to fallow. a mate had a sako .243 which would only shoot lower weight bullets in .243. bloody expensive now - thank god for reloading...

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    Thanks for all your comments. I currently use 75gr rem accutips for foxing and they do the business. I fancied experimenting with a lighter load to get a super fast laser round but I should probably just stick with what I know works, Cheers.

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    Hi I use 58V-max homeloads with N140 powder great round shots very flat & hits foxs very well lol
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    I have had 1/2MOA with:-
    43g varget ,lap brass, magtech primer 55g nosler b/tip (sako85 1 in 10 twist)

    I made these up for a foxing round,just not got out yet!

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    my mate shot the 58 vmax in his tikka 243 m595 and it was very accurate but now changed to 70 grain blizkings. you look at the drop charts there isnt much in it to 300 yards. and the 70's buck the wind better and hit harder.

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