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Thread: Remington 7RM (African Plains Rifle stock)

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    Remington 7RM (African Plains Rifle stock)

    For Sale is my Remington 700 stainless 7 Rem Mag (Fired at the most 60 shots - as new condition)

    Bedded into a Remington Custom Shop (APR stock - African Plains Rifle)
    26" barrel threaded for mod
    Third Eye Tactical 0MOA picatinny rail professionally shimmed and fitted for stress free mounting
    650 for quick sale

    Badger 30mm/Reloading Dies/powder/selection of 7mm heads/100 new cases available if needed

    Reason for sale - new build in the pipeline!

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    hi there very interested in you rifle
    would like to see it in person
    my number is 07721671746 thanks ask to speak to mike

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    i'm also intrested in your rifle pm me if its still available cheers danny....

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    Have spoken to Mike (dweeb), he was supposed to get back to me yesterday or today. Will give him a few more days then will give you a shout for sure bunnydan. As said am looking for a quick sale.

    Are you interested in the dies/rings etc?

    Also a Jet Z compact moderator for this at 260.

    PM me if you like.

    Cheers NW

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