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Thread: New Kaps Binoculars

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    New Kaps Binoculars

    Since years Iíve been looking for an alternative for the high end German/Austrian optics. One doesnít mind spending good money on good products but I donít like spending only for the names sake. Since a few years Iíve been looking at the products of a small German company that are mainly involved in the manufacture of medical microscopes. Since many years they quietly manufacture very good rifle scopes as a side line business. I visit their exhibition booth every year when Iím at the IWA in Germany. This year Kaps had introduced a new range of binoculars 8x32, 8x42 and 10x42 with multi and phase coated lenses. One good thing about the IWA exhibition is, that most optical exhibitors are in one hall and one can nicely compare products. We could compare the new binoís to products from Swarovski, Bushnell, Nikon, Minox and Leica . I wanted to order a set of 8x42 Kaps right away but was told that the few binoculars on the stand were only prototypes and that the production was about to start. I recently found out that the Kaps binoculars are on the shelf and I ordered a set in 8x42. This is possibly the best size for stalking in Ireland, 8x32 might be ok for daylight but not as good in low light conditions, 10x42 might be a bit wobbly if used single handed. In the meantime I have handed around the binoculars to experienced stalkers and received very positive response.
    We compared Kaps 8x42 to Leica Ultravid 7x42, Vortex Razor 8x42, Swarovski SLCís 7x50. The Japanese Vortex Razor which Retail at around 600 Euro are very easy to handle but are not quite as bright as the European glass. The lightest and smallest of the four sets are the Kaps weighing 650 grams. Field of view is very good at 126m or 7.2 deg angle.
    It is very difficult to judge high end optics and for myself, all of these four sets have a wow effect when one looks through. Without knowing prices I would choose between the Leicaís and the Kaps because these win on best performance vs weight and size. Looking at prices.... the Kaps 8x42 costs only a fraction of the Leicaís. Retail prices of Kaps Binoculars are hopefully not only introduction prices. Retail prices are roughly 409,- Euro for the 8x32, 429,- Euro for the 8x42 and 449,- for the 10x42.

    Left to right: Kaps 8x42, Leica Ultravid 7x42, Vortex Razor 8x42, Swarovski 7x50 SLC ( eye cups fully extended on all sets)


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    Edi, good info. Where did you buy the Kaps.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi Edi, I sincerely hope you discover a Top quality scope for a reasonable price. Certainly because they are light and small. I had a swarovski 8x56 SL for a few years and they just are TO heavy. You already mentioned these binoculars a few weeks ago. When I looked at their website, there is one thing that makes me suspicious. All their riflescopes get in "details" as a maker : K. Kaps ... Germany. When you look in "details" with the binoculars they say nothing. Why?????? Are they made somewhere in the far east? I hope not and would be glad that you tell us in a few weeks that you discovered a pair of binoculars which are as good as the other europeans but at a better price.
    Good luck.

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    Sorry, it should have been Top Quality binoculars and not Top Quality scope .

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    I just contacted them directly.
    They have a web shop also.
    I also bought a scope off them that I'm testing, so far very good, 4 shot and 4 deer.

    One great advantage of dealing with a small company like Kaps is, on the service page of their
    website one finds an e-mail addr and the name of the person in charge of service. One can directly
    correspond with him.
    I will possibly import a few items from Kaps for friends who don't do internet.


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    Hales, although I've been in contact with the owner of Kaps, I have not yet asked that question.
    I will certainly not molly coddle the set I have and from handling they do not feel in any way inferior to the other binoculars we compared except being smaller.

    The scopes are very alike the Schmidt & Bender classic range and built ultra sturdy.


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    I had a look at a Kapps 6x42 rifle scope at the midland show.
    Quite impressive for a £300 scope, seller was if that helps anybody.


    PS: Fawcett's is nothing to do with me.
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    I presume that is Fawcetts of LANCASTER
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannlicher_Stu View Post
    I presume that is Fawcetts of LANCASTER
    Sorry, did my link not work


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    Established brands like Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss "tend" to be heavy for a reason, it's the only thing that works.

    A new "Buck" hasn't figured out why, yet.

    Easy to sell an equivalent product that is cheaper/better but then the returns start to come in and the first question that the new "Buck' asks is;

    Well we matched their specification, why are ours failing and theirs aren't ?

    Reason is they spent many million dollars figuring how not to do it.....


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