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Thread: 7mm weather mag

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    7mm weather mag

    any info on reloads suitable for reds

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    What bullet weights or you using? Here is one for 154gn heads.

    Viht n560:- 65.7gns maximum, with Winchester magnum primer should give you 3000fps out of a 24 barrel.

    Start your loads at 55gn and work up watching for signs of high pressure, from what I have read most magnums give best accuracy towards there maximum powder fill.

    Do not exceed the above.


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    here's one... from my speer manual

    160 gr speer grand slam. 70.5 gr of re 22 will give 3079 fps. this is max. starting is 66.5 gr. on a magnum primer.

    175 gr speer grand slam,

    67.5gr of re 22 gives 2866 max.

    what powders do already have in? we might as well look for one using that.


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