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Thread: Bowel Problems!

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    Bowel Problems!

    Don't know if anyone can shed any light.

    My young Lab has been having some kind of gastric upset these past few days. She will spend ages trying to pass a stool and then all that comes out is a thin soggy turdlet. She'll run on and a few seconds later, she's squatting again for another five mins. There's been no blood and she was wormed not so long ago. She managed to crap all over the back of the truck yesterday as she couldn't hold it. I'm fasting her for a couple of days to see if that clears it. She seems well in herself.

    My first thought is foreign body...any other ideas?


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    Could be a staph infection mate,what did you use to worm her,and,what do you feed her on.Is she drinking ok,and,if she doesn't get any better after two days fasting then get her to the vet asap.As far as a blockage is concerned,is she a chewer(shoes etc)or do you feed her any bones,and are they cooked,and,do you give her those rawhide chew things,as they are renowned for getting stuck in the gut.I hope she is ok soon mate................Martin.

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    Thanks Martin

    She on Chudleys Working Crunch at the moment, BARF through the winter, no chews or cooked bones but we do live on the beach and all manner of stuff gets washed up.

    Guess that looks like a vet visit!

    Thanks again


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    Just a quick update. My poor little girl Holly went to the vets today and he found a large lump pressing on the bowel. She's going to be opened up on Monday as he has no idea what it can be from the xray. She's not even 2 yet, it's all a bit upsetting.

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    Best of luck Drew, I hope that everything goes well mate.

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    Oh mate,I am sorry to hear that,but,they will do all they can for him,so he is in the best place.I hope you have good news for us very soon mate.......................Martin.

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    I sincerely hope all goes well Monday, fingers crossed. Heart felt by all, after loosing my old girl last year I worry like hell about the others. Hopefully you will give us some good news come Monday.

    Best of luck mate,

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    Thanks for your kind words chaps.

    Just had a call from the vet, it's not looking good. A large growth is slowly closing off the bowel. It was beyond the scope of our local surgery here to remove it. He's sent a lump for tests but has said not to get our hopes up.

    Such is life.

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