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Thread: Rifle Cleaning items - where to start

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    Rifle Cleaning items - where to start

    Hi guys,

    Just compiling a list for some cleaning products I'll require shortly to help with the running in of a new rifle and wondered what you guys recommend, cast your beadies over this little lot and see what you think.

    Been looking at the following:

    1) Cleaning Rods (.243)

    Dewey or Pro-shot (longer length for boreguide and stock clearance etc) Want to get a good quality rod that will last. Cant find the PH Yellow rods anywhere?

    2) Bore guide???
    Havent got a clue where to start here?

    Was looking at the Dewey adjustable?
    or Gunslick Pro

    Any ideas??

    3) Cleaning Fluid,
    Iíve got loads of Hoppes gear for my shotguns, browning liege oils etc but been researching quite a bit recently and seem the Wipeout foam or Wipeout-Patchout liquid is highly rated for rifles?

    4) Gun Vice/maintenance cradle, better get myself something here as the wife is sick of me using the kitchen tableÖ


    MTM Case guard

    MTM Site In

    Iíll need to get all the miscellaneous jags/nylon brushes/patches etc but looking to keep it simple but start off with a good basic collection thatíll cover my needs.

    Im off to my rfd tomorrow for a look but any input, as always, is appreciated.


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    Oops, can a Moderator move this to the correct "Rifle & Equipment Care" Sub-Forum Please

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    Try giving reloading solutions a call for cleaning gear as they are fairly priced and have dewey rods In stock as well.

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    everyone seems to have their own methods when it comes to cleaning so there are lots of different answers and none of them will be wrong.

    The one really good buy I made in terms of cleaning gear was a carbon fibre cleaning rod from, I think, Tipton. I got it from midwayuk and the down side is that it is one piece so it is quite a long thing. However, it really is a great job and the packaging says that it is designed to be subjected to "moderate" hammer blows. I guess that is if it is necessary to remove a stuck bullet or case or something. It should never be able to harm the bore and I've been using mine for a few years now with no sign of any wear. Having used this one I would certainly never buy a plastic covered metal rod.

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    Tipton carbon fibre rod, wipeout, patches, Tipton action cleaning set, rifle vise or home made jig.
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    Forest Lodge Guns Wragby Lincs carry the P-H rods still...01673-858554. So other places must do the same.

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    Thanks for the input guys,

    I managed to pick up a Parker Hale (Red) rod today along with some Wipeout foam and a Tetra boreguide from Continental Shooting Supplies.

    Picked up my new .243 T3 today too so let the runnning in commence!!


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