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Thread: Blaser R93 or Not ??

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    Blaser R93 or Not ??

    I am thinking of buying a Blaser R93 professional.
    Has anyone got a R93 and if so what do you think ?
    Have they sorted out any safety issues ?
    Any comments welcome.

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    I heard some time ago about cases of the bolt shroud blowing back.
    the cases were when people had accidently overloaded home loads.
    anyone heard the same ??

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    The horror story that did the rounds of the internet involved some bloke who had loaded rifle cases full of pistol, or some other very fast, powder, from my recollection. I think it was number 13 that finally blew his rifle up and, as you say, the bolt hit him in the face. I believe that after this the bolt shroud was changed from plastic to metal, though Blaser sort of said this was just a PR thing as the shroud was fine as it was. All of this is shrouded in internet myth and mystery. You should note that most internet shooting sites have a new thread about once a month on some bloke at the range who blew his rifle up. I guess you can blow anything up if you try hard enough. I'd say, based on what I've read, that the Blaser is not going to resist a determined attempt to blow it up but it is no more, or less, likely to blow up and hurt the shooter than any other rifle.

    I certainly don't buy into the "blaser can do no wrong" line that is common on some internet sites but I've found it to be a very useful, weather resistant, portable, accurate and practical rifle in real world use and I certainly have no need for another rifle. However, you need to try one to see if it suits you, and fits you, and if you like the action and operation.

    The one thing I did find, as a few people recommended Blaser to me, was that it wasn't until I had owned the rifle for a while that I realised how much easier life is with a rifle that breaks down so easily. The Blaser just makes a lot of things quite matter of fact and boringly simple and you only appreciate this after a period of ownership. The manual cocking is also, in my view, a nice feature and it offers some small measure of additional safety which is always a good thing.

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    For the price of them i definately wouldnt buy one and have a full custom rifle built instead.

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    Thank you for your reply, some useful information there.
    thanks again.


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    coulnt have put it better myself.
    i heard it was the 32nd round that did the job.

    best hunting rifle out there, just make sure you buy the right calibre.

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    was thinking of .308 ??

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    they hold up under pressure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    was thinking of .308 ??

    just the job, i have one in that calibre!

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