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    Red face Dog got the last laugh

    It was time to give the pick up a good hose out, so I thought I would give the dog a run in the car, she can't get enough time watching the world go by at 60mph, when I got to the petrol station I backed into the bay to wash out the tub, all good, jumped back in and turned the jeep around to give the rest of the jeep a good jet wash, but this time I left the keys in the jeep, ahh I can hear you say, yes your right . when I was cleaning the windows the dog got a little excited and managed to lock all the doors, so when I had finish cleaning the jeep I tried the door to find my worst nightmare had only just started, so on the phone to the AA, they were going to be 90 minutes, as I was heading over to the shop attached to the petrol station, I found that there was a queue of cars waiting to use the jet wash, so I went to each of them and explained what had happened, sum laughed sum did not the girls at the station had a good laugh about it but they did not have a wire hanger, to pick the lock but after a good route around I found a car ariel and a little plastic wedge to force the top of the door open so I could feed the wire into the jeep, and now the dog has all the fun, she started by pulling it, she got it hooked onto her collar, just as I was getting it near the lock she would pounce on it this went on for a good twenty minutes, until she was bored wanted out I then finally caught the door lock and opened the door, Not doing that again.

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    Excellent! Has nearly happenend to us at the dogs for deer day, keys in car as you are close by and dog jumping round car! Good thinking (by me I think!) keys were soon pulled out. Am sure it will happen one day though.

    Can imagine what the other car washers were thinking

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    Ours used to lock the rear door on the Disco,
    I cured it by removing the button.

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    Stalking last Sunday after pheasant shooting on Saturday in Hertfordshire I was in a fix if I was lucky enough to connect as I made the journey in the Octavia estate rather than our Shogun from Shropshire ( the petrol/derv differential is a no brainer ) so the mate I was staying the night with loaned me his Landy just in case. Anyway there was no just in case, as although I saw lots of deer my little bitch was howling like a banshi from the moment I left her locked in a strange motor. The deer for certain had grown satalite dishes as a replacement for their own incredible listening devices as even I could hear her everywhere I went. RESULT! bugger all except a very happy dog when she jumped out of the motor. I think the bugger did it on purpose just to piss me off as I never managed to give her one retrieve on the Saturday, could be down to bad shooting or was it the fine ale and wine the previous evening. Anyway she ended up laughing far more than I.

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