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    introducing myself

    hi Iam a professional deer stalker of 20yrs experience . I have been taking out clients /guests stalking for red deer on the same estate all that time. We shoot up to 20 red stags and 20/25 hinds per year on 8500 acres of very high ground neer Fort William. The ground starts at sea level and rises to 2930 ft with three mountains over 2500.Iam passionate about red deer and their conservation and management.I am looking forward to joining in the discussions and forums. Previously i have a lot of hunting experience in africa esp Kenya where i was born and raised . Have hunted since the age of 5 starting with catapault, air riffle ,small bore ,large bore ,big game.New to computers tho!!!! But an old dog can learn new tricks!! I learn something evry day im out on the hill.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Best regards JCS

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