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Thread: If you need a bit more knock down power for Muntjac?

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    If you need a bit more knock down power for Muntjac?

    Try one of these - a 505 Gibbs semiautomatic - well over 5000 ft/lbs of energy with an accurate range of well over a mile. Should sort out charging Muntjac for any bdy who feels a wee bit undergunned.

    Have a look at for more info!!!

    And you can moderate them so you don't wake up the neighbours.

    Not sure if Home Office would look to kindly, given it is a semiauto etc - but you could always move to the continent where such things are allowed.

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    my .30-06 was a worry, now i know what i need

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    Very impressive, but I'd like to see a bayonet fixed on the end just in case that muntjac is a bit 'tasty' and gets through the hail of bullets!

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    Impressively low recoil in the You Tube video, although it was 'only' the .338 Lapua he was using. Quite a formidable weapon.

    USD 12,000 is a lot of money, but then that is a lot of rifle:

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