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Thread: Sako Quad .17hmr or .22lr but prefferably .17hmr possibly both barrels if available!

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    Sako Quad .17hmr or .22lr but prefferably .17hmr possibly both barrels if available!

    I'm after a Sako Quad , either full set up or rifle only. Prefferably .17hmr but will consider .22lr or both barrels. Or if anyone can put me in touch with any second hand deals would be much appreciated.


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    on guntrader:

    .17 hmr sako: - Sako .17 HMR Quad Synthetic Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle

    .22lr barrel: - Sako .22 LR Quad Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle

    There you go, just need a big cheque book to pay for them
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Cheers Limulus,
    have been offered new for 550 so hoping to better that, though the barrel might be an option.

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    Hi George, i have tow sako quads (not for sale). your'l never switch the barrels over to much mucking around especially this time of year save your pennys and buy two even second hand if you must. I'v got the sythetic varmint in .17hmr and a standard synthetic in .22lr but shortened to 12". both great guns and nice and accurate, smooth bolts too. best of luck matt

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    I am after a Quad in .17 HMR too and there are currently no barells available... you buy the "frame" + the barell.... What is a decent discount?

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    I've been offered a new complete .17 for 550 from my local gun shop, I think this is pretty good but still want to save a bit.
    What exactly do you mean Red-Dot , they want you to buy the frame and barrel seperately? sounds expensive.

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    Yip, apparently you buy the frame and then the barrel/s as there are 4 to choose from and currently there are no .17 HMR's in the UK. 550 seems to be the compined price that is offered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    your'l never switch the barrels over to much mucking around
    I was with you on that until I sorted the problem........

    two scopes. one for .22lr and one for .17HMR and .17M2
    Leupold QR mounts on custom blocks

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    Where did you get those mounts and what was the cost, I am looking for better mounts for my Quad, would like a Picatinny rail really.
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    Hi Liongeorge
    I have a quad with two barrels, 17HMR and 22WMR, had the standard barrel in 17 then swapped it for the heavy varmint barrel as it would not shoot as well as my Ruger M77/17 stainless varmint synthetic, which I had re-barrelled with a Green Mountain Fluted Stainless Varmint Barrel, which comes to the point of the post. The Quad is lighter and my main Bunny gun, so the Ruger has not been out of the cupboard since the summer, time to let it go, my boys used to use it on the range sometimes but now they are bigger they use my 223 or 25-06. It has 2 mags, 9 round rotary, Volquartson trigger, Grey Laminate stock all Stainless Matt finish and as I mentioned earlier a Green Mountain Fluted Stainless replacement Barrel (cos the original one was not up to expectations, despite me shortening and screwcutting it).

    Price is 650
    A new one on Guntrader is 795 and the Barrel is 300 . . . if you can get one and SYSS is the only place you will get one.
    Carriage to your RFD would be 15 or I can meet you and do a face to face within 50 miles.
    I can get 17HMR at a very good price (half price) for buyer.

    PM me if you are interested or want any other pics,
    cheers FlyBoy270

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