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Thread: Poaching Initiative

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    Poaching Initiative

    Lothian and Borders Police along with Fife Constabulary are to operate an anti poaching initiative running from Nov through to Jan. They are requesting that all landowners, gamekeepers and deer managers be made aware. Extracted from their email;

    "The success of the initiative relies on landowners, farmers, land managers and gamekeepers reporting any incidents of poaching to the Police.

    If an incident is ongoing then the 999system can be used or Lothian and Borders or Fife Police Forces can be contacted at the numbers given below. It may be able to give the following information which would help the Police find those responsible:.
    * Vehicle make, colour and registration number.
    * Number and description of suspects, particularly any thing that makes them distinctive.
    * The direction the persons have made off in.
    * Descriptions of any dogs there.
    * . Any incident number in case there are any later queries about the report.

    It maybe that you have information call about where suspected poaching may have taken place or where poached salmon or venison is being taken or indeed about any wildlife or rural matter then please contact your local Wildlife Crime Officer

    Lothian and Borders Police 0131-311-3131if there is any difficulty ask for Pc Iain Rory Hamilton.

    Fife Police 0845-600-5702 if there is any difficulty ask for Pc Ian Laing."

    It may well be worthy of notifying your local Police of any lamping activities especially during this period to avoid false call outs.

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    There was a similar initiative last year with regards to hare coursing by lothian and borders police.
    I contacted them as there were coarsers on the farm, they came straight out in unmarked cars, caught the men and their dogs and charged them accordingly.
    Its well worth giving them a call.

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    I think most police forces are now more aware poaching is second only to drugs in terms of crime.I reported lurchermen last Sunday and Monday got a follow up call from a PCSO to check details and say thanks from her boss

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    I`ve been working on Exmoor recently. There`s a few of these about.

    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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