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Thread: The Friday Thread

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    The Friday Thread

    Who is out shooting what this weekend?

    Picking up at a local shoot tomorrow.

    Then need to find a beast for the mincer.
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    I was out yesterday and had a stonking day. Magpie, duck, pheasant, partridge, woodcock and snipe all falling to my gun. Two other species also shot on the day, pigeon and a vixen had her day ruined

    Out in a bit for a spot of bunny bashing then picking up tomorrow.
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    Im out in highseats this weekend...Hoping for my first deer with new rifle...2 outings so far and Ive drawn a blank so fingers crossed. Also worked some of everyday for the last 5 weeks so even though Ive some work todo tomorrow after the morning session the rest of the weekend is my own

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    I'm beating and working my Vizsla bitch on John 'Vizslamad's rough shoot up in Shropshire tomorrow, while 14 year old No.2 son shoots - he's pretty handy with his o/u .410, though he has an eye on John's lovely English 16 bore sbs.

    After that, I'll be skinning and processing the two Roe, two Sika and one Fallow carcass in the chiller and boiling out the heads from last weeks trip to Ireland.


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    Out tomorrow for a small walk and stand day on the pheasants. Will be sat up a high seat sunday morning waiting for an unsuspecting doe to show her self.Will be double checking the shooting kit in a hours time, for the 2 time tonight.

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    Out this evening for a Fallow but too Foggy!
    Out tomorrow on a driven pheasant day in place of my mate that had a ruptured Aortic Anuerism last week and can't now make it! Rubbish way to get a free shoot but he'd invited me on a couple of days anyway!
    Out again all Sunday to look at and stalk some new grounds.
    Other than that, a relatively shooting free weekend!

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    I had arranged to go out today, but last night I had a poor sleep, if I got 3 hours I'll be surprised, I did think about not going when the alarm went off, but thought, No!! I'll go!!!!

    After arriving at the stalking ground, I realised I had forgotten my bumbag which has everything in it!!!!!, So I threw the dog back in the car and drove the hour back home, retreived the said item then drove back to the ground.

    I sorted my kit out and off I went, only to then realise after leaving the car and progressing through the ground that I had then left the shag***g bolt in the car, thankfully, I had not seen anything to shoot at that point, so it was back to the car to retreive said item.

    Beginning to think that maby I should have just hit the off button on the alarm and rolled over at this point.

    Anyway, I saw 5 Roe, had my cross hairs on one but the shot was through the wood and I couldn't be sure that there would be no twig interfierence on route from the 130gr out the .270, so she lived for another day.

    So to sum up, a totally c**p day, the positive though is that I saw some deer, and I had a good walk around half the ground. But as days go, this is my worst n a long long time.

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    shot a few duck tonight.out on walk and stand tomorrow,take rifle for a wander sun need some venison for the landowners

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    Day out with the 28 bore on the pheasants and partridge tomorrow, then guiding Sunday morning.

    My ideal sort of weekend!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Hoping to hunt roe with the Taxen tomorrow but its snowing and the weather people say there could be quite a bit, so if its too deep that won't happen.
    Moose hunting on Sunday.
    On Wednesday Hunting with the Kopov for boar and moose in southern Sweden.

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