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Thread: Harkila Roe carrying strap

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    Harkila Roe carrying strap

    Following a chat with the Black Islander fellas at the Midland, they were good enough to send me a copy of the Harkila catalogue.

    Having looked through it, the only thing that I seem to be able to afford is the roe carry strap.

    Has anyone used one? Any good?


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    I haven't used the harkila one but have used the one that was sold by Jäger Shooting Supplies. Handy for slipping into you pocket if just going for a short stalk and you don't want to take a roe sack, but you tend to get a fair amount of claret on your cloths. I've tried those folding sheet type carry sacks and had the same problem the claret leaks out down the arse of your pants.

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    I always have such a device, plus gloves and an Opinol in the leg pocket of my trousers. Means I can always gralloch and move Roe to the nearest vehicle access point. Many a time I've gotten out of the vehicle and forgotten something. (like jacket, Roe sack and magazine, it was in the jacket on a warm day)

    I keep full gralloch kit in my Roe sack plus both my jackets. Embarrassing when you take your knife "out" for sharpening but don't put it back....


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    A large bin bag will keep the majority of blood (and ticks) in both cases and the amount of blood present will be minimised if you can hang the carcass for a few minutes to let it drain properly.

    With the carry straps, a length of paracord can be used to tie the head up towards the feet, which helps to make the carcass more manageable so to speak. Once the strap is on the shoulder, pull the bin bag up over the carcass and tie off as best you can..Its a bit heath-
    robinson, but it fends off most of the blood if your only carrying it a few of hundred meters or so...

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    Pete, is that you of the Jimny??
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    Novice, I think you will find that if you contact Poppins the price for one of her brilliant sika sacks is very little more than one of these fancy carrying straps.

    I had to buy seat covers for my jimny because of using a strap, I got blood everywhere. A good roe sack, for a lot less than those advertised in certain catalogues and one that will last a damn sight longer too, and a blood tray/box are well worth the investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Pete, is that you of the Jimny??
    Certainly is...hows things?

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    Have a look at Ash243 website. he makes them!!!

    Also look under the H4H auction lots, Ash243 has kindly put up some of his great leather work!!!!!!!!!


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    I have gone hi tech for roe sacks.

    IKEA | Bins & bags | Bags | FRAKTA | Carrier bag, large

    I buy a couple of dozen at a time. Rgds JCS

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