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Thread: 4,000 Members!

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    Cool 4,000 Members!

    Today we tipped the 4,000 member mark. That represents a doubling in the total membership since August 2009. Over 1300 of those registered members are visiting at least once per month and over 600 are visiting every 24 hours.

    I'm not sure how many regular stalkers there are in the UK but I'd imagine that we now have a good representation from UK stalkers, not forgetting of course our contributors from overseas.

    For the stats geeks, including unregistered visitors worldwide, we are getting in the order of 30 to 40 thousand unique visitors per month comprising some 14.7 million 'hits'.

    Our busiest time is about 2000 hrs and Tuesday is the busiest day.

    Well done everyone, here's to the next 4000!

    all the best,


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    That's a lot! But how many dodgy types are on here in more than one name?!

    Just noticed your post count too alex!


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    WOW, i remember when there was in the hundreds on here keep up the good work everyone, thats admin and members well done

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    That's great, a real credit to the management team.

    Would be interesting to know how many of the site visits are by anti's on information gathering missions!

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    Well done. When I joined there was about 650 members, I remember the 1000 Member joining and thought that was good, now with 4000 members, that is some achievement.

    Well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    That's a lot! But how many dodgy types are on here in more than one name?!

    Just noticed your post count too alex!

    Multiple registrations are a fact of life on internet forums. People forget logins details ect. I recall trying to register on here a year or so back when there was a glitch with the acceptance emails not being sent out. It went on for months. I gave it up as a lost cause in the end. Theres at least 4 of my unsuccessfull attempts buried somewhere in that 4K

    Anyone who understands web site optimisation knows its not membership numbers or hits that count its unique visitors and what they do, where they go and when they leave the site that counts. As Alex notes the true site levels are around the 1300-1400 mark with 600-700 providing the highest level of activity. Which is not a bad score card by anyones standard. Especially when you take into account those that might visit on a regular basis but haven't registered, of which I was one until recently.

    All in all its well worthy of a sunday lunch time session down the pub.

    Cheers lads

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    well done lads for keeping the site going.
    i hope it goes from strength to strength
    you have somewhat a captive audience which allows all the good bits of stalking and knowledge to be passed on.
    there is like everywhere the disruptive element but Malc, alex and team aint long in red flagging them.

    well done again.

    ps i want a place at the annual dinner.
    if you need a hand with it call me

    atb frank

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    That sounds like cause for a spot of light celebration...another can of 'Top-Deck' shandy anyone?. (For that, read "Buy yourselves another pint" )

    Hope you're not planning on a cake with 4,000 candles on - if so, I'll tip off the Met Office to expect a spike in Global Warmng when you light all the candles!!

    Well done chaps - keep up the excellent work.


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    Well done you lot, when we bought the site there was somewhere in the region of 700 members and more bloody software glitches than I care to remember. The site was so slow it was beyond belief, in fact it was so far beyond Malcolm and I so we had to enlist Alex, one of our smarter moves. This in turn led to a migration to a new hosting company, I don't really know what I am talking about here but Alex has been schooling me, so now we have a fairly fast hassle free site that rarely crashes and generally behaves itself. Another plus is that it is very good at being self regulating and Trolls etc are very quickly exposed.

    So here is to the next 4000, or however many it is in reality

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I think the moderators deserve a pat on the back! They have kept the site a pleasant and informative place to be.

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