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Thread: nightmare at the pheasants!!

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    Exclamation nightmare at the pheasants!!

    Just back from our shoot.everything was going great today until second drive!!my old man's daft wee cocker disappeared after a pricked cock bird,still with his lead on,it was end of the drive and he pulled lead out of his hand,anyway we picked everything up then noticed his dog was nowhere,remembering he still had lead on we went quick style to look,only 10 mins had passed,but it was long enough,he must have scrambled over a wall with a drop on other side,lead was jammed and that was that!!!
    Bit of a nightmare!!

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    He didn't make it? Geez, sorry to hear that if thats the case.


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    Nope,stone dead!!old man was gutted,he hand reared him when the mother took ill,going to help bury him tommorow,not looking forward to it"

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    sorry to hear that mate

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    Sad , so Sad...
    not much can really be said at this point that will hav any positive effect
    as a mistake has been made, a dog has been lost and every one I imagine is gutted
    Truly one sad day

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    Really sorry to hear that.

    Can I also just mention something I read about in the Shooting Times a few years ago. I do not think this is that common but a similar fate befell a dog tethered with the lead in the boot of a car with the rear door left open on a hot day. The dog tried to jump down but only enough slack for his rear legs to touch down. Yours was a tragic accident, this scenario could so easily have been avoided.

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    sorry to hear that mate,not nice to lose a dog you reared yourself.

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    My old man is gutted,he knows its was his fault and should have called dog back,but no point in dwelling on it,easy Xmas gift this year from the family now though, a wee lab pup should do the trick!

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    its harsh to losse a dog mate i know 1st hand how your dad must feel i lost my spaniel on a shoot last year after he had a fit in about 7" of water, just enough to keep his head under, he went a bit funny just before he died and i just thought he got over heated so i let him grab a drink and turnt my back on him for no more than 2 or 3 mins but it was long enough. send my condolances to your farther

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    I'm sorry to hear that,, really am. by the way, never watch Hatchie A Dogs Tale or the ending of Marley and Me, NOT movies for dog-lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had to put the Mrs on a drip just to re-hydrate from the tears spilt! ha ha ha.

    On a different note, I never put a collar on my dog when out in the field, just a slip-lead, for the reasons you mention, and I always tie it to my belt so that the only way the dog is loose, is if I let it, and if so, there's no collar or anything like that to get it 'stuck'. I've seen many 'house' cats hanged that way, people putting bloody collars on them, later to find them hanging off branches and god knows what.

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