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Thread: warm socks

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    warm socks

    can anyone recommend some good quality warm socks

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    HM Queen and Sons issue arctic socks. JC

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    Harkila Day Hiker. Superb, I never use anything else.

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    Thorlo do some very specialist socks for pretty much every occasion:
    They are often on Evilbay!

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    Your granny still around?

    Grannies knit the comfiest warmest woollen stockings
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I wear the 'Combat' socks made by F.J. Bamkin under ex-Army waterproof oversocks.

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    I use these;

    And if it gets really chilly, I put a pair of these underneath;

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    Harkila the lighter coloured ones i use stockings abit pricy at 20 pounds a pair but i like my feet and i ware wellie

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    Falke TK4 . I use them for years and they are very warm and strong. Falke is a german sock maker. I don't know if the TK4 is the warmest model they have.

    A UK link :

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    I use Bridgedale endurance summit. Theyre quite pricey but are well worth it as they last well. Theyre warm and very comfy, also the long ones are well elasticated meaning they dont slide down when wearing plus 4s.

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