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Thread: Gun Vice / Maintenance base recommendations please??

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    Gun Vice / Maintenance base recommendations please??

    Right guys,

    Looking for a recommendation for a good gun viceÖ
    Misses rigboot isnít too impressed with my current set-up on the dining room table just now Ösee belowJ

    I donít really have the time just now to make my own (as Iím sure you can tell due to the fact itís 2230 on a Saturday night and Iím just getting round to finishing off setting up the new Rifle/Scope/Bipod etc I got this week and giving it a clean before putting a few rounds through it soon)

    Had a quick look at the MTM / Tetra & Tipton offerings so far, any more ideas?

    Donít need anything too hi-tech, just a decent base to keep the gear together and be reasonably portable??



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    If I don't have any room left on the draining board! or the best dining room table,, I use this
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    This works ok quite sturdy with storage for cleaning gear .
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    I got a gun box /bench from hjenry krank. and scroll down. Was using it today sorting out a trigger issue on my 308.

    would not be without it.

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    Thanks for the links and alternatives gents,

    my heid is now well and truely burst...decisions decisions eh!!

    Speaking of which, I'm still deciding on what Moderator to get for the Tikka .243 T3, another absolute minefield, one mans mod is another mans bean can.
    I was trying to avoid the T8 Reflex but it's performance is hard to beat, even if its a weighty beast, had a play with the Northstar and Jet Z but still cant decide.

    Cheers again

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    northstar for 1 moderator for all rifles , but T8 for noise reduction. Mine is 5 years has been on 22-250 and 308 and still going strong.

    would buy a northstar all things considered. same dosh and last a life time.

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