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Thread: What professionals use

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    What professionals use

    We seem to have endless debates about calibres but what do full time, working stalkers use? My work rifle is a Sako 85 in .243 win (have several others but this is my day to day tool). Most other stalkers I know use either .243, .308 or .270. I know of two that use a 6.5x55 and one that uses a .25 wsm (wssm?) I know two stalkers that use custom rifles, the rest use standard factory and I only know one that handloads their work ammo. Discuss. JC

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    Hi I'm not a Professional but I use two rifles a tikka T3 light 243 hornady 100 grans for roe & a tikka 308 varment havey barrel 150 gran both great rifles but I love my 243 great foxing rifle as well

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    25.06 normally comes out of the cabinet first, followed by the 30.06.
    Both Sako 75's and both moderated.
    One has a Swarovski and the other a Schmidt.
    Lots of the more experienced stalkers I know use a 25.06 now.

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    Tikka M695 270 with Norma 110gr BT

    If it wasnt for doing the night shooting I would use a 243
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    When I was researching the contraceptive feed being foisted upon boar in the Forest of Dean, Dave Sykes the Head Forester told me that they were using (mainly) .308's and 7x57's.

    Meoble on the West Coast of Scotland are still using .243's as their estate rifles.

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    If out controling deer were i cannot aford any runners i use the 6.5 with 129 SST,s but they really do hurt the beast. But for my open ground were managment is the key i use a .223 with 55 grn SP

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    Sako 85 .308 s/s syn Northstar mod

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    On the estate here there's 3 .270s and my very part time 6.5

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    25.06 and .30.06 are calibers of choice of Mike and myself.
    We dont reload but we do buy custom ammo from Mike Norris.
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    I'm not a professional stalker but 4 people I know who are full time [in different locations and with some mixture of species] use the following:

    Stalker 1 - .308 for Roe and Red (mostly Red but also some Roe)
    Stalker 2 - .308 for Sika and .243 for Roe
    Stalker 3 - .30-06, almost all Red with a few Roe (he only has one centre fire rifle)
    Stalker 4 - .22-250 Roe (Scotland) and .280 (Sika and other large deer species)

    I don't think any of them are especially hung up on calibre - often they bought rifles because a good rifle was available at a good price that does the job.

    Also, most use factory Ammo (Health & Safety for employees and when out with Guests).

    Ironically, I think if I did do kit for a living (as opposed to a hobby) I would have less rifles as they become a bit like a spade - a tool that needs to earn its living.

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