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Thread: Wanted: Swarovski 3-12x50 (or similar) - 1 inch tube ideally

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    Wanted: Swarovski 3-12x50 (or similar) - 1 inch tube ideally

    If anyone has got one of the above or has seen one for decent money please let me know. Macleods have a number of AV's for 750 but haven't had a chance to look through one yet and thought people may want to clear some cupboard space!!!!!

    Learnt the hard way on Friday that my left handed Sauer and Apel rings won't accomodate an illuminated scope's 3rd turret, not amused after a lot of searching for a scope!!! The turret prevents the cases being ejected, just deflects them back in to the breach!!!! So if I go illuminated it's going to need the control on the top of the scope not the side and I can't persuade the wife we should remortgage the house to get a Z6i....yet!
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