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Thread: God I'm so ignorant

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    God I'm so ignorant

    Popped over from CFUK for a look, played a hunch and logged in. Already a member and never posted.

    Better late than never though, hello.


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    Hi DaveK,
    Itís very good to see you on the SD site. Are you also the DaveK on the Shooting Community website? I'm a member of UKVarminting, CentrefireUK and Shooting Community although the SD takes up most of my time. Itís great seeing the members of a these sites browsing on other sites too. All these fore mentioned sites are very good and very different. If you don't get the answer you want on one site you may just find it on another.

    With these various sites working closer together I'm hoping that any misunderstandings and troll problems experienced on all the sites in the past can be forgotten and we can all look forward to many hours of polite, honest and frank posting on all the hunting/rifle /shooting based web sites.

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    Thats me, and Airgunbbs and guntrader and pigeonwatch and passion for stalking and shooting matters and the rest. I really need to have a bit of a cull. I notice some people change their forum names between forums (fora?). Can't see the point personally. People know who I am wherever it is so they know what to expect.

    Youre spot on by the way. Life's too short for forum wars. I started one between guntrader and airgunbbs a few years ago because I've a wierd sense of humour and it didn't go down well. Unfortunately it was with the bosses login and it got her banned off the BBS.

    I think I encountered THE latest troll on CentrefireUK. Fortunately he's history but will no doubt be back.

    At least there are a few sites now with predominantly grown up conversation so we have plenty of choice.

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    Amen to that DaveK! I flick through the sites all the time, right now most of the SD members are on Centrefire. Bloody traitors! Just a joke everyone lets not start that one again!

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