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Thread: foxing and a spot of rabbiting in hereford again

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    foxing and a spot of rabbiting in hereford again

    got back from gunshop yesterday around 3.30pm in the afternoon. When got a text from dave. he said weather looks good tonight if you and your dad fancy coming over for a bit of rabbit shooting and the odd fox.
    i said say the time and we will be there so we agree to go out around 7.30. we had a steady drive over in light mist. got there loaded up 4x4 and off we went to a 350 acre fruit farm.
    drove down bottom track 1st. no moon out and cloudy and light mist but still very light. on way down to bottom track of the farm we popped some rabbits off with the 22lr annie. dave lamping me shooting. we mopped up 10 and left them there to pick up when round the other side of the track.
    we parked up for a call put the lamp on and picked up to sets of eyes in the ruff grass at the top of the field around 200 yards. they didnt hang about though. we called again but nothing so went off to pick the rabbits up.
    foxy wasnt playing ball there so we moved on to next farm up on the big hill which over looks a 360 degree shooting point of the land around it.
    cold and a little misty but sure we would see something. odd call and scan with nv
    when we spotted a fox at far end of field. then a second milling about. wouldnt come to call. but a good distance 360 yards. dave got set up ready on the floor dialed in the scope. and got the back of the stock on the rifle pad he carrys in the 4x4.
    i had a quick look to the right to see if anything offered a closer shot when sure enough i picked some eyes out in the field to the right of our postion. it was a fox milling about in a orchard
    got a range and he was 200 yards. told dave i had spotted a better shot and we moved postions he put his scope back to setting. but couldnt get a shot off due to the branches of the trees we must have played cat and mouse with this fox for 20 mins !
    but new he wasnt bothered by us and the shot would come. we moved forward and to the right. and the fox backed off abit but still wasnt bothered by us. lamp on and dave managed to get a safe clear shot through a gap in some trees. thump the 75 grain vmax from the br hit home.
    ranged it again and it was 210 yards B) we drove down the bottom of the field went into the orchard and found it and when looking back couldnt believe how tough a shot it was getitng the bullet through the branches of the overhanging trees to get a clean kill.

    we moved on to the farm we had the 5 on a couple of weeks before. was about to go into a gate way when we see a fox two fields over to the right. it was milling about again and was calling to a fox not to far away but couldnt see that one.
    ranged it 235 yards. lamp on a pause and then 75 vmax on way again. woop thump fox dropped in its tracks like before.
    we walked over and it was a chest shot. all i can say is these vmax expand well and deadly in that 6br chris built dave.

    i said shall we call it a night as it was 1 pm and didnt cover half the ground we did before. due to the foxes not playing ball in some fields. there was stilll alot around but some where abit far and didnt offer safe shots. or just got a quick look in the lamp and was gone.
    we looked into a field off the road on way home where dave said we will get some rabbit permission there once he sees the farmer. must have been over 60 rabbits on this one small field. ideal for the rimmy as there is a nice safe high bank behind.
    in all a good night.

    atb guys jamie
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    Nice shooting once again Jamie. That 6br looks a beast and from your last few posts it looks like its doing the business too!!!

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    Well done Jay looks like you had another cracking night mate

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    yes a good night lads. my 22/250 had a rest in the canbinet last night. only took the rimmy with me. daves 6br is a cracking bit of kit. super accurate

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