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Thread: Musto Buckden or Dubarry Wexford

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    Musto Buckden or Dubarry Wexford

    Ok they're both a bit fancy and a load of dosh, but are they worth it?

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    If you like that sort of thing then go for it, very pretty!!

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    HS! that's not selling them, are they any fecking good? Waterproof? Comfortable? Soles grip good?

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    No, just a silly fashion item... pretty tho'!

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoshot View Post
    Ok they're both a bit fancy and a load of dosh, but are they worth it?
    All those I know that have the Dubarry swear by them. I don't know anyone who wears the Musto boots

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    I had a pair of dubarrys after wanting them for years. As has been said they are a good looking pair of boots and I found them to be nice and water proof for the 18 months I wore them until they started to cause my feet loads of pain and I had some insoles made and even with the insoles they still hurt my feet so I switch to a pair of zipped Chams and like them. I know others who swear by dubarrys and the friend I sold my too likes them and they're still going strong just didn't work for me.


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    Cheers fellas
    Might just stick with the zip-up wellies instead.

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    Sweaty feet, beating and wellies are a pretty dire combination so I got a pair of Dubarry's years ago when they were, pretty much, the only full length, gore-tex lined boots available. They look nice, but the grip is rubbish on anything other dry, level grass. On snow, over leaf litter, on a steepish slope the next two folk in line are going downhill with you! To get the right fit on the foot I ended up with a pair that had massive calf width so they also crumpled down about the ankles. I guess they'd be OK for standing on a peg, but anything else and I'd save my money.

    Since then any number of people are producing something similar. I've now got - and swear by - a pair of Hunter leather and gore-tex lined boots. Special offer from John Norris of Penrith a couple of years ago - 100. Worth every penny.

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    Well my girlfriend likes hers but I didn't realise you could get them in mens sizes! JC

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    Have worn a pair of Buckden for about 3 seasons now, they are very comfortable, warm in cold weather with good grip but they don't stay good looking for very long, scratch easily in brambles and leather needs treating regularly to feed the leather, all said and done I do abuse mine but I would buy another pair as I do like them.

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