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Thread: Which moderator?

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    Which moderator?

    I have a Tikka T3 lite .270, which is factory threaded. I want to get a moderator and I have heard mixed reviews.

    I like the idea of the modís that you can take apart and clean,

    Budget, up to £300.

    Can anyone give their recommendations?

    Kind regards,


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    I have had nothing but Wildcats, bought my first in 2007 and have had no problens with them. I believe the first batch of them had problems.

    I have the same rifle and have a Wildcat fitted. I have no problems or complaints about the wildcats, well within your budget.

    Your question will produce many different answers, if I had a Northstar/Pes/Ase Ultra, I'm sure I'd be recommending them.

    Good luck with your search......

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    I have had PES and ASE Jetz's, both very good.

    I am going to say this, Roedale Delta. Bloody amazing. Half the weight of the others. Noise reduction seems to be on a par with the ASE to my ears, my buddy reckons the Roedale is quieter. I find it hard to say which. You would need scientific measuring kit to tell really.

    I will do a comparison report shortly. That reduction in weight makes a huge difference when it is hung 20" out on the end of a barrel.

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    Is the Delta an end can or over the barrel design?


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    I own a T8, which is effective but very heavy. If I was buying a new one I would look at; (which give you the option of a muzzle can or reflex)

    They are all less than a third the weight of the T8. And maybe only 4 or 5 decibels less reduction in peak noise than the T8. The third eye and the roedale can be fitted with stainless blast baffles to stop the cutting which can occur in some calibres.

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    Why not just purchase one that comes with stainless blast plate & baffles as standard?
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    Finnbear, the nice thing about the Delta is that one could order a moderator made for purpose.
    I have three on my rifles at the moment.
    A stainless 5 baffle bead blasted on my 223. This one would also take up 6.5-284, ultra sturdy. Weight 480 grams.

    On my main deer rifle a sako 308 I have an all aluminium 5 baffle mod. This was a early test example and weighs 175 grams!!!!
    Absolute fantastic handling rifle with this mod on. The newer Aluminium mods weigh a bit under 200 grams. I have shot about
    80 rounds through that mod and checked the first baffle this afternoon, no wear. I presume it will take a few years before
    the wear on the aluminium baffles could maybe become an issue, but then one can buy single baffles to replace.

    On my 243 light stalking doe rifle, i have a "Light" delta 5 which is all aluminium except the first two baffles which are in stainless.
    This compromise moderator weighs 280 grams.
    All components can be exchanged. Only thing one must watch out for is that one doesn't use small holed baffles on a large cal rifle.
    Delta have only two main sizes, up to 6.5mm and up to 9.3mm. Roedale have made some "specials" for up to 458 win mag.

    Of all moderators I think the Delta range is the most flexible and ultra reliable, no messing with delrin rings and if one buys a new
    rifle with a different thread one can order a new rear end with the new thread.
    The all steel parkerised mods start at 260 Euro as far as i remember.

    Top, "Light" 280 grams, mid "Ultralight" ~ 200grams, bottom Stainless bead blasted 480 grams.

    Size comparison to the older A-tec moderator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewS View Post

    Is the Delta an end can or over the barrel design?

    Andrew, sits on the end, it is almost identical in size to the ASE, but half the weight.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Over barrel no bushes stick it on all your centre fires job done. Stainless, so you dont need to change unless you get bored.

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