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Thread: A few more pictures for your edification

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    A few more pictures for your edification

    I've been working my ass off over the last few days and have now decided to take an evening off and go through my old pis I have on photobucket, so while I've got nothing to do, I thought I'd post a few of my pics to whet your appetite......... live ones this time though! - Enjoy!!!!!!

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    Your pics are fantastic!
    Thankyou for sharing them.
    All the best,

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    I'm not a great photographer, but I am lucky enough to get a lot of good opportunities and I'm stupid enough to take advantage of them........

    If you wanna see good wildlife photography do a search on Reinhard Kunkel - now he really is good!

    Did anyone notice the pink dart sticking out of the ass of the last Elephant?

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    Suberb stuff there sir! That first lion is an excellent photo.

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    He wasn't that peaceful for long........ he went from that, to this,

    To this

    In a heartbeat!!!!

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    Blimey I think I need to change my pants! Fearsome looking chap isn't he!

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