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Thread: best night ever

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    best night ever

    Over the passed four week I have been spending a few night out lamping with my mates wife on there land trying to show her how to go on & also get rid off a little foxís problem they had lol
    This is how I got on on the best night Iíve ever had

    We started down the field like we had before & it was not to long before we had a couple off bunnies with the 22 my mates wife was using then we notice a foxís eyes in the lamp so off it went & we called for a bit & then put the lamp on it was about 100 yards so looking thought the scope I had a great shot & bang it was down. So lamp off walk over tail off drag back to house lol easy as that I thought on the way back while we were chatting away (like you do) just over the back off the house & lamped another set off foxís eyes so lamp off my rifle ready lamp on bang great eyes straight out thatís two lady very happy Iím bussing never shot to donít know why I put the lamp back on but my mates miss goes you missed it its looking at us. Iím straight on the rifle bang again eyes out this time Iím not turning lamp off as we walk over what you think was there two foxís & Iím now thinking my night canít get any better than this

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    After a cupper my mate say show me were you got the last two so off we go & I have to say he drove his landy disco around the house with is lass while I cut throw the yard & he popped a few bunnies off with heís 22 & I showed him were the pic above was shot then I said if you lamp over that field Iíll show you were the first one was just as the lamp goes on hereís another set off eyes so I called for him to nock the lamp off & we called & called then put the lamp back on it was coming in so we knocked the lamp off & called again after a couple off mins on goes the lamp it was sat out about 150 yards but I couple see it thought the scopes keep very still I said bang no eyes. He sat in the lady while we went over it moved about 20yards to the left hereís the body off a big foxís I dragged it back to my mateís disco & he said thatís the on that was at my chicken the other night lol

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    I have to say this was the best night out ever

    Thank you for reading this
    We have shot 10 foxís in 4 weeks

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    Mates wife eh!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Did you download those pictures to cover your story, mates wife indeed !!!!!

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    no all true its my tikka 243 photos uploaded from phone

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    Don't own any bino's then?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Great night then,missed the target then banged home a couple on the button. That's good going, shooting that amount of loads in a short period of time

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    Quote Originally Posted by R700ROE View Post
    Great night then,missed the target then banged home a couple on the spot, that's good going, shooting that amount of loads in a short period of time

    thanks mate we were out on wedurday first time not seen a sign off any foxs so thats good news

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    Sounds like a good night!!!I mean the 4 foxes,not out with the mates wife, in the dark, late at night, mate at home,!!!!only joking!!lol!my best night is only 3 foxes,usually out myself with a handheld lamp,after rabbits,so I use the 17hmr,so I am limited to about 100 yards for foxes,usually though ,when I take out the 243 I hardly see any,and when I have the 17 they sit out watching and listening at about 150yards out!!!sly *******s!!!!

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    Nice shooting. Makes up for the nights whne you go out, its pisses down and you dont see anything!!!

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    What a cracking mate you have
    I would love to know how many of us could get away with that one ?
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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