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    opening does

    Friday afternoon saw me out on the ground at 2.30 with my boy as he has time off school with some sort of teachers training .Took him to a decent bit of ground where i knew we'd see deer and sure enough we never blanked .Stalking down a hedgerow, i stopped to glass the far hedge when George nudged me and nodded to a roe backside reversing out the hedge in front of us and only about 30 yds.We froze and waited to see what would happen .The doe backed fully out and walked slowly down over a bank away from us followed by a shed buck and another doe .i was by now on sticks but couldnt get a shot as they were moving, albeit slowly, away from me.One of the does stopped on the slope with only her head showing at about 60 yds which was enough for me and over she went.Talked george through the gralloch and showed him how to make the rifle safe .I didnt want to drag George around the bottem fields and decided to head back to the truck with a view of going out first light Saturday to get another for the dealer . Goerge was keen to do his bit so i loaded him up and off we set :boogie: I had to take over shortly as expected as hes only a little lad really but he did carry the rifle to the truck ,bless him.Bumped 3 more does on the way back that were passing a gateway we went through .A text to the farmer was followed by a return saying to hit the does hard as they are playing hell with the tree plantings and he can be very forceful you know :victory:

    Satuday morning saw me at a place near to home .The first light aimed for was missed by a bit but not to worry .Did a circuit that would take me into the wind to where i was most confident of seeing the deer .They hang out in the same 2 fields here unless they are over the river and off piste so to speak .Glassed a doe right down by the river so kept in tight to the hedge in an attempt to remain unseen .Well i must be good at it as i clocked a fox with his back to me half way round and managed to get to within 5 yds ,honest ,before it startled and panicked first to the left then to the right and away .The doe ahead was bumped by a group of pigeons clattering out of a thorn bush and she jumped the river at a narrow point .Stalked on and was rewarded with a young doe that was browsing on a bramble in some rough on the edge of the river .I knew she would probably end up in the river and put together a back up plan if this happened .Shot her off sticks in the head at maybe 70yds and in the river she tumbled .Plan into action and putting the rifle down, i ran to the shallows nearby to haul her out which worked a treat . Stalked on but saw only a buck and doe at extreme range obviously bumped by me at some time .

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    Nice one mate , glad to see you showing George the ropes. Save a few for me later in the season !!!

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    PLenty about this year mate

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