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Thread: Rimfire .22 Anshutz

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    Rimfire .22 Anshutz

    I have for sale a .22 Anshutz 1451 model rimfire.

    I don`t use this gun anymore and it must have been in the cabinet for 2 years without being used so it has to go.

    I used to use it regular on the bunnies and the rifle always performed well.

    It has got a 4-12x50 Nikko stirling gold crown scope on top, two 5 shot magazines, silencer and a sling.

    It has the odd mark on the stock which was caused by the sling in the case as much as being knocked about. There is also a few scratches on the scope which were done when i laid it down in the back of a pickup whilst lamping rabbits one night.
    I don`t really know how much it`s worth so i am open to sensible offers, but nothing too low cos i ain`t desperate to sell.
    I would prefer F2F and then you can try it out on my land if you want but may post via RFD with you paying the transfer costs.
    PM me with questions.



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    You jacking it in again??

    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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