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Thread: New boots

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    New boots

    Can anyone suggest a good pair of boots, I've heard meindl are a good choice but are they really worth the money??

    S. L.

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    Lundhags. Like wearing a pair of slippers, they are that comfy and light.
    KevinF -

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    I've a pair of Meindl Dovre extremes which are the high ones and they are OK but in my view don't offer the ankle support that my Scarpas do, can't remember the model of my Scarpas but they are 3 - 4 season walking boots and so are not as high. The Meindls would be great on clear fell if they offered more support as they certainly protect the bottom of my legs from the bruising and so on from putting a foot between lying logs and sticks but I just don't feel as secure on my feet in them as in the Scarpas. It must be said that I wear walking type boots probably 6 days a week and when my Scarpas get too old for the hill I wear them basically as everyday shoes.

    I have a pair of Meindl 4 season mountain boots as well and they are very good for support but very heavy and they don't get as much use as they should so my feet aren't as well broken in to them. They are well made and have lasted a long time and look like they will last much longer again.

    A lot of this probably comes down to personal taste but I wear the Scarpas for hill stalking and the Meindl Dovres for forest type stalking. I also have some questions about the likely lifespan of the Mendl Dovres but have only had them for about 14 months and it has been relatively light use so it is hard to reach a useful conclusion.

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    try Lowa boots you wont go wrong i have the "gortex gtx" and all leather "super camp" both are an exellent comfy hard wearing boots....neil

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    Thanks gents, that's four replies and four different boots. Just had a quick look online and I'm liking the Meindls!
    S. L.

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    Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, go with the lowa's IMHO

    or get into an outdoor shop and ask, not a gun shop. I have leather berguas GTX and raichle GTX the heather is like a wire brush up our way and I would insist on a full high rubber sole. Scarpa are next on the shopping list. One piece leather contstruction canny go wrong. IMHO

    good aftermarket insoles can transform a set of boots as well.

    Just checked:

    The new insoles I got were called sorbothane and I cannot recommend enough. Raichle boots were giving me jip and @ 185 were going on ebay. New soles and "as if by magic"

    getting some for the bergaus as well.

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    Meindls, on 3rd pair now, first two pairs each did two years of being worn virtually every day, ie no chance to dry etc.
    Also not been given the best of care, but have done me proud.
    I would not consider another make now.


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    Do not, ever, buy Le Chameau!!! Meindl's are good. I had Scarpa's years ago when they were more traditional looking, I am not so keen now, but I bet they perform just as well. Lundhags were probably the best I have ever had. I have Chiruca's now, gore-tex lined, quiet, comfotable and cheaper than the big names.

    If you ever have plantar-fasciitus, try superfeet insoles, designed by doctors, not salesmen!
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    Irish Setters.

    Another reply, another type of boots....
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