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Thread: 10 bore

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    10 bore

    Anything considerd really, just fancy giving one a go instead of the super magnum 12 bore.

    I'm in the Highlands will travel as far as perth +/-


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    try tommo on the sight he had a 10 mag for sale not long ago

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    10 bore's seen at blairgoweri gun shops! bit pricey mind..


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    There's a chap on 'The Hunting Life' Forum who has one he doesn't know what to do with....

    thinking of sell my gun - The Hunting Life

    A Remington SP10 - not sure where he is though. On the plus side, he seems unsure of what it's worth...

    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Cheers for the replys and messages lads, will call about the one in Blairgowrie... ali

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    whats a s/s full and full kestral worth in good nick?

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